Dessert at Tiffanys

One day, Princess Aly received a message from her postal carrier (Damon the dove). The message was from a friend who was wondering if Aly had time to make cupcakes for her birthday party. Princess Aly quickly scribbled a yes, sent Damon on his way, and went straight to the castle’s kitchen to come up with the right cupcake. Aly remembered her friend’s obsession for a particular jewelry store and came up with the … Tiffany cupcake!


1 box of yellow or chocolate cake mix

1 can plain buttercream frosting

1 tube of blue food coloring


1. Bake your favorite yellow or chocolate cupcakes. Make sure to buy additional items such as eggs, vegetable oil, etc depending on what brand you choose.

2. While the cupcakes cool, scoop the frosting into a bowl. Add a few drops of the blue food coloring and stir. Continue doing this until the color starts to get close, then add the food coloring one drop at a time, and stir.

3. After your cupcakes have fully cooled, add the frosting on top and you’re done!

For all the Prince Charmings out there, this is a great way to present your girlfriend with an anniversary necklace or perhaps pop the question with a Tiffany’s ring in the middle??!!


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